Smol X1 & and Big X1

Not just another sff case...

What makes the X1 and big X1 so unique?


At just 6.9L and 10L, the X1 and Big X1 are extremely portable. They easily fits in a backpack! They’re also very sturdy, so you can take them travelling. The cases are ideal for sff enthusiasts who want the best component compatibility at the smallest size.  




The X1 and Big X1 look great on every desk. You can use it as a workstation, in your gaming setup, or as a Home Theater PC. The build-quality is very good, as it uses 1mm thick steel. That’s thick for a case around this size. It feels very premium. The corners are rounded, so you can’t hurt yourself while building your new rig. We found that some sff cases around this price have this issue. They’re also trouble-free to build in, due to the fact that we kept the layout simple. The looks are subjective, but we (also a lot of others) think they looks awesome! The X1 and Big X1 look minimalistic and not ‘gamery’, it easily blends in with the environment and it has that ‘strong’ metal look. For the power button, we wanted to do something very special: we wanted a mechanical switch from a keyboard. We are currently testing with the Kailh Choc white switch.




When building in a case around this size, you usually need to compromise on cooling and noise. That’s not the case here. You can install tower aircoolers, like the Noctua NH-U9S in both the X1 and the Big X1 or go the watercooling route with a 240mm radiator for the Big X1 or a 120mm aio in the X1 (in 6.9L)! For the X1, the room for cooling depends on what power supply you’re using. If you’re using a Flex Atx power supply, you will have 126mm of room in height for an aircooler, or you can use a 120mm All In One liquid cooler. If you use an SFX power supply, you’ll have 58mm (it’s recommended to leave at least 10mm for airflow, so 48mm max) of room for aircooling (like most cases around this size). But, you could also use a 120mm aio on top. There are many venting holes around both cases for excellent airflow. 

It fits everywhere

Because the X1 and Big X1 are so small, you can put it anywhere. You could even put them in a backpack and travel with them!

Built sturdy.

Due to being very small and using 1mm thick steel, both cases are extremely rigid.

Perfect balance.

The X1 and Big X1 support better support for aircooling than any other case under 12L does (as far as we know). Aircoolers up to 126mm, or a 120mm aio in the X1 or 240mm aio in the Big X1. It’s completely up to you.

Not just another sff case...

Layout with Flex ATX and SFX for X1:

On Flex Atx there are aircooling options up to 126mm, and watercooling options up to 120mm radiators. On SFX on the other hand, there’s aircooling up to 58mm (but leave at least 10mm open), but there’s also a way better option: 120mm AIO cooling. Keep in mind that the maximum thickness for radiator + fan with SFX is 46mm, so that means there’s room for a regular 30mm thick radiator + a 120x15mm slim fan. On the picture we used a 25mm thick fan to show that it interferes with the motherboard and does not fit. Layout of Big X1 is coming soon.

Specifications and compatibility for X1 (Big X1 coming soon):

Volume: 6.9L

Motherboard size: ITX or mini-DTX

GPU: dual slot max. 183mm

PSU: Flex ATX or SFX(L)

Case size without feet: 255X186X146mm (6.65L)

Case size with feet: 267x186x146mm

Weight: 1.56kg

Materials: 1mm thick steel, making it very sturdy.

Power button: Kailh Choc white switch (clicky, but we could put tactiles and linears in the box too)

Storage: M.2 only for now, 2.5” drive using velcro strips (seems unprofessional, but works perfectly:)

Cooling with flex atx psu:

– Max cooler height: 126mm without fan bracket

-120mm aio

-80mm exhaust fan

Cooling with sfx psu:

– 58mm cooler height, but we recommend to leave at least 10mm open for airflow (so 48mm max)

-120mm aio on top (30mm radiator + 15mm fan! Fan can’t be full-size).

Layout: regular (no pcie riser necessary)

Additional fans with flex atx psu:

-80mm exhaust

-120mm on the fan bracket

Additional fans with sfx psu:

-top 120mm fan or radiator (30mm radiator + 15mm fan! Fan can’t be full-size).

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